How to Propose by Rudi and Gin

Rudi takes us through a long week process of preparing and proposing to the beautiful Gin. Having help from his mum and cousin to prepare the flowers and to record the special moment, of Rudi dropping to his knee.


Living The Same Day

Imagine having the same conversation every day, hearing the same words and asking the same questions. Though knowing you have never heard it before. This is all new to you.

We have just got out of the car, opened the boot to un-clip the puppies and as they get out, for the second time in two days a woman approaches us complimenting on the beauty of them both. And for the second time reminding us how beautiful their brown eye brows look. Asking us again if they are related and their age. It seems a little odd and maybe she is just so curious with attraction that she just wants to make time to see and pet them, again.

Or maybe, like many people, she is living in the same day with a reset button when she opens her eyes. She may remember details, when she said “Max! Which one is Max?” to us approaching the car carefully unsure if these puppies are friendly.

We maintain a fun and polite conversation answering all the same questions again and continue to go home, as she continues to live her day, her moments.

Now, time to charge the camera and start making video blogs. I have a date with a farty Genie. See you tomorrow.

How To Train a K.O. Cat

Rushing home to see my family and as I walk in through the door, I see two small heads peek round the door at the other end of the corridor. Puppies take 3 long silent seconds, to register, gather their thoughts and they finally realise who is home. As they rush to meet me still with my shoes, jacket and backpack on I kneel and hug them as Max climbs and wriggles to get on top of me.  He manages to get both front paws over my shoulders to make sure he gets a good lick at my ears! Eew! And Thank you.

Managed to get up, take the puppies out for a pee and back in the house for a well awaited rest with my Genie and a series. There is no chance, that I can walk past the cat, as she sits on her scratch post without being hit on the arm. Now the cat knows that if she does this cute gesture enough, we will reward her with a treat and of course, she continues.

Out with the family at the local park and it is absolutely bliss as the grass, sky and sunset beautifully contrast and complement each other. The grass moist as it nurtures the flowers surrounding it and the sun warm as if the wind is asleep this evening. We walk, puppies play and Max over the moon with joy after finding a 3-inch stick that he can play with, he gallops with pride holding his head up high.

Now, I have a date with a dinner and an ice cream. See you tomorrow.

Don’t Rattle The Cat!

Mornings are always special when you have pets, especially cheeky ones like our cat and Max. Every morning I get to open my eyes to a huge nose, black eyes and a face full, of max. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like he is loud or anything, he just breathes slowly, and heavily while staring at you beside your bed. And this morning to make it an extra fun morning, the cat has decided to take over Gin’s pillow and sleep on it while my Genie, curls up into a ball just under her former pillow.

There are techniques to taking the puppies out of the room without waking anyone up. You see, if I just get ready in the room with the door closed, as soon as I touch my keys to take them out, they go absolutely nuts! Having seen this happen too many times now, I slowly open the door as I get ready, not to make it a sudden surprise for them. They just slowly venture out into the hall way like animals on a hunt, slowly looking around and carefully walking, not to agitate the cat. Or they will get a smack from her.

Gins back is in pain again and could be because of the recent training, sweat and wind don’t mix too well together. Booked a session with a sports message therapist who helped last time this happened, fingers crossed for a speedy recovery.

Time for a well deserved rest at home, a date with my Genie and a series. See you tomorrow.

How To Trick Yourself Into Exercise

I needed to wake up early because the puppies needed to go outside, getting dressed my work out clothes were closer than my work clothes… they go on, trainers on, work out hoody on and I am still, coming up with ideas of how not to exercise. Sitting on the edge of my bed, 15 minutes’ worth of excuses and silent treatments, 10 minutes to 7 and I am not up for a work out this morning. I scroll through Facebook feeds, franticly trying to convince myself I am too tired.

Enough is enough and I remind myself of the body I want, deserve and desire. I shuffle my feet outside and I am still so sleepy, but here come the 500 skips on the skipping rope. My feet are killing me finishing these and I am convincing myself not to do the M-100’s, “just go straight to punching”. Putting my wrist straps on and I start doing M-100s! I did one full set and I felt so proud of myself for getting through the most difficult part, I am tired, and now I can enjoy the punching bag knowing I kicked ass this morning.

Managed to get myself into gear by being stubborn, I came up with excuses why not to go outside and just sat on the ideas, though my reason WHY, was greater than any excuse I could think of.

Work is done by 30 past 5 and I crash into bed, reminding myself that I still need to get up and kick ass in an hour. Can you imagine my excitement? Just after 7 and we in the park with puppies and the work out bag. Check out my routing here to see what I do. Gin really pushed me today and I am so happy with today’s session of boxing though now, it’s 30 minutes past 9pm and I am knackered. Now, I have a date with the shower. See you tomorrow.


Wedding Scrap Book

You may be wondering by now, ‘did he kick ass this morning?!’ in short, no. though I did kick ass by looking online for ways to plan your wedding! And I have learned many new things, starting with a wedding scrap book. Genie and I will be filling this up in the near future.

Work has been mega busy because, well, many customers… and delivery routes, speed limits and laws. Rolled up to the house just after 6 knowing that minimal time of relaxation is going to happen, because there must be some ass kicking and boxing, with Genie this time! Success. Rolled up to the park just past 7, with a quick walk around the park for the puppies, we start with skipping.

This is where I am reminded how much Gin hates skipping and m-100’s, though loves the boxing part, so of course in true fashion, when it came to her punching we stopped for breaks with skipping in between, great stamina build up! She is exhausted after an amazing performance of punching, skipping and not passing out.

30 minutes past 9 while I am writing this and Genie is sitting behind me snapping away some photos. Now, I have a date with my love and a movie. See you tomorrow.

Rudi at deskPhoto Credit: Genie
Model: Rudi

Mush of Love, and Lithuanian Food.

Get those lazy lie ins going on this morning, woke up at 7am though got out of bed just after 9. Success. You may be wondering, are you going to kick ass outside this morning with such a late morning?! And as I sit here on the edge of my bed seeing how sunny and lovely it is. No way will I be getting sweaty right now! It is car boot time! And Genie is still in bed fast asleep.

What I love about my family is that I could spend the whole morning, with waking up, bathroom, talking to myself, could even have a disco and the puppies couldn’t care less about it! All they want is to go pee and sleep again. Today, and every other day Gin silently, gently whispers that she is awake and all hell breaks loose! Puppy tails hit every piece of furniture along the way to the bed, cat is immediately thrown off in the haste to trample and squish Gins face into a mush of love!

They of course must sit in-between us both, facing Gin, which means I have a beautiful full face of fur and ass. Don’t forget the fanning tails because of excitement!

Breakfast is missed and resumed later at a car boot sale with badly cooked cheese ‘burgers’ which are so dry, I ‘needed’ and ice cream at the end of it all to make myself feel better.

Lunch at mums with homemade Lithuanian potato dish (Cepelinai), with meat inside. Will resume all hardcore training tomorrow morning and afternoon after work. Now, I have a date with a pizza, Genie and a movie! See you tomorrow.

BBQ, Tequila and Alcohol Free Champagne.

Completely kicked ass this morning with my work out, if you haven’t yet, read what I do and look at my previous blog.

Cake time! Almost, on our way to see mum and try out her cake too! You see, mum has guests round and the little girl there, has a birthday today and we, are trying both cakes. Genie made a Snickers cake and mum a chocolate one.

Puppies are excited to see new people and Khmera absolutely loves kids so she loved being stroked. Max, couldn’t care any more if he tried. Barbecues in England mean you are either eating in the sun, rain or both at the same time! And windy every time.

Two hours into dinner with a few shots of tequila for Gin and we are good to go home stuffed with BBQ chicken, rice and salad. And who can forget the 0.5% vol alcohol free champagne for kids. Wouldn’t be a dinner if someone didn’t mess around with a fidget thing under the table! They are somewhat addictive to play with.

Knackered isn’t the word that would describe my families feeling at this moment. Puppies haven’t moved in the last 40 minutes and we are getting ready for a movie night, work out? What work out? I have a date with my Genie! See you tomorrow.

Morning Routines Matter!

With my seven am wakeup call on Saturday, Max and Khmera (Our puppies) are desperate to go outside! I was in two minds to train this morning, because we as humans are masters of creating excuses for ourselves, and today I went through a whole list of why I should not exercise. Though looking at my belly and knowing how heavy I am, this was one excuse that I needed, to kick some ass outside.

My routine is seriously simple, 500 skips on the skipping rope to warm up, every 100 I speed up the skips, and on the last 100 I try and skip on one foot at a time, this increases the intensity and you don’t have to go as fast.

Then arm stretches, and leg stretches and we head straight into some fat burning routines! Watch this video on how to do these because they are amazing, it will tone legs, shoulders, burn fat and build up your stamina! Because I do this with boxing and am sometimes limited on time, I do 1 set, or sometimes 2 sets of this, instead of the 3 like in the video.

Make sure to get some rest here, because you will be exhausted! Get those straps on your wrists, or gloves if you have some, I use straps.

Go through simple routines like punching only with your left, getting some jabs in, make sure you are moving around, bouncing on your feet. Try some combos and make sure to look at some boxing videos on how to punch without hurting yourself. You can also do this without a punching bag (Shadow Boxing). When I’m tired I go to my skipping rope for 100 skips with a break after.

Back to the bag for more routines and when you get tired, go do some burpees with a break after.

Simple! Stop when you have blurry vision because you know you have done enough! See you in the evening.