BBQ, Tequila and Alcohol Free Champagne.

Completely kicked ass this morning with my work out, if you haven’t yet, read what I do and look at my previous blog.

Cake time! Almost, on our way to see mum and try out her cake too! You see, mum has guests round and the little girl there, has a birthday today and we, are trying both cakes. Genie made a Snickers cake and mum a chocolate one.

Puppies are excited to see new people and Khmera absolutely loves kids so she loved being stroked. Max, couldn’t care any more if he tried. Barbecues in England mean you are either eating in the sun, rain or both at the same time! And windy every time.

Two hours into dinner with a few shots of tequila for Gin and we are good to go home stuffed with BBQ chicken, rice and salad. And who can forget the 0.5% vol alcohol free champagne for kids. Wouldn’t be a dinner if someone didn’t mess around with a fidget thing under the table! They are somewhat addictive to play with.

Knackered isn’t the word that would describe my families feeling at this moment. Puppies haven’t moved in the last 40 minutes and we are getting ready for a movie night, work out? What work out? I have a date with my Genie! See you tomorrow.


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