Morning Routines Matter!

With my seven am wakeup call on Saturday, Max and Khmera (Our puppies) are desperate to go outside! I was in two minds to train this morning, because we as humans are masters of creating excuses for ourselves, and today I went through a whole list of why I should not exercise. Though looking at my belly and knowing how heavy I am, this was one excuse that I needed, to kick some ass outside.

My routine is seriously simple, 500 skips on the skipping rope to warm up, every 100 I speed up the skips, and on the last 100 I try and skip on one foot at a time, this increases the intensity and you don’t have to go as fast.

Then arm stretches, and leg stretches and we head straight into some fat burning routines! Watch this video on how to do these because they are amazing, it will tone legs, shoulders, burn fat and build up your stamina! Because I do this with boxing and am sometimes limited on time, I do 1 set, or sometimes 2 sets of this, instead of the 3 like in the video.

Make sure to get some rest here, because you will be exhausted! Get those straps on your wrists, or gloves if you have some, I use straps.

Go through simple routines like punching only with your left, getting some jabs in, make sure you are moving around, bouncing on your feet. Try some combos and make sure to look at some boxing videos on how to punch without hurting yourself. You can also do this without a punching bag (Shadow Boxing). When I’m tired I go to my skipping rope for 100 skips with a break after.

Back to the bag for more routines and when you get tired, go do some burpees with a break after.

Simple! Stop when you have blurry vision because you know you have done enough! See you in the evening.


3 thoughts on “Morning Routines Matter!

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