Mush of Love, and Lithuanian Food.

Get those lazy lie ins going on this morning, woke up at 7am though got out of bed just after 9. Success. You may be wondering, are you going to kick ass outside this morning with such a late morning?! And as I sit here on the edge of my bed seeing how sunny and lovely it is. No way will I be getting sweaty right now! It is car boot time! And Genie is still in bed fast asleep.

What I love about my family is that I could spend the whole morning, with waking up, bathroom, talking to myself, could even have a disco and the puppies couldn’t care less about it! All they want is to go pee and sleep again. Today, and every other day Gin silently, gently whispers that she is awake and all hell breaks loose! Puppy tails hit every piece of furniture along the way to the bed, cat is immediately thrown off in the haste to trample and squish Gins face into a mush of love!

They of course must sit in-between us both, facing Gin, which means I have a beautiful full face of fur and ass. Don’t forget the fanning tails because of excitement!

Breakfast is missed and resumed later at a car boot sale with badly cooked cheese ‘burgers’ which are so dry, I ‘needed’ and ice cream at the end of it all to make myself feel better.

Lunch at mums with homemade Lithuanian potato dish (Cepelinai), with meat inside. Will resume all hardcore training tomorrow morning and afternoon after work. Now, I have a date with a pizza, Genie and a movie! See you tomorrow.


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