Wedding Scrap Book

You may be wondering by now, ‘did he kick ass this morning?!’ in short, no. though I did kick ass by looking online for ways to plan your wedding! And I have learned many new things, starting with a wedding scrap book. Genie and I will be filling this up in the near future.

Work has been mega busy because, well, many customers… and delivery routes, speed limits and laws. Rolled up to the house just after 6 knowing that minimal time of relaxation is going to happen, because there must be some ass kicking and boxing, with Genie this time! Success. Rolled up to the park just past 7, with a quick walk around the park for the puppies, we start with skipping.

This is where I am reminded how much Gin hates skipping and m-100’s, though loves the boxing part, so of course in true fashion, when it came to her punching we stopped for breaks with skipping in between, great stamina build up! She is exhausted after an amazing performance of punching, skipping and not passing out.

30 minutes past 9 while I am writing this and Genie is sitting behind me snapping away some photos. Now, I have a date with my love and a movie. See you tomorrow.

Rudi at deskPhoto Credit: Genie
Model: Rudi

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