How To Trick Yourself Into Exercise

I needed to wake up early because the puppies needed to go outside, getting dressed my work out clothes were closer than my work clothes… they go on, trainers on, work out hoody on and I am still, coming up with ideas of how not to exercise. Sitting on the edge of my bed, 15 minutes’ worth of excuses and silent treatments, 10 minutes to 7 and I am not up for a work out this morning. I scroll through Facebook feeds, franticly trying to convince myself I am too tired.

Enough is enough and I remind myself of the body I want, deserve and desire. I shuffle my feet outside and I am still so sleepy, but here come the 500 skips on the skipping rope. My feet are killing me finishing these and I am convincing myself not to do the M-100’s, “just go straight to punching”. Putting my wrist straps on and I start doing M-100s! I did one full set and I felt so proud of myself for getting through the most difficult part, I am tired, and now I can enjoy the punching bag knowing I kicked ass this morning.

Managed to get myself into gear by being stubborn, I came up with excuses why not to go outside and just sat on the ideas, though my reason WHY, was greater than any excuse I could think of.

Work is done by 30 past 5 and I crash into bed, reminding myself that I still need to get up and kick ass in an hour. Can you imagine my excitement? Just after 7 and we in the park with puppies and the work out bag. Check out my routing here to see what I do. Gin really pushed me today and I am so happy with today’s session of boxing though now, it’s 30 minutes past 9pm and I am knackered. Now, I have a date with the shower. See you tomorrow.



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