Don’t Rattle The Cat!

Mornings are always special when you have pets, especially cheeky ones like our cat and Max. Every morning I get to open my eyes to a huge nose, black eyes and a face full, of max. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like he is loud or anything, he just breathes slowly, and heavily while staring at you beside your bed. And this morning to make it an extra fun morning, the cat has decided to take over Gin’s pillow and sleep on it while my Genie, curls up into a ball just under her former pillow.

There are techniques to taking the puppies out of the room without waking anyone up. You see, if I just get ready in the room with the door closed, as soon as I touch my keys to take them out, they go absolutely nuts! Having seen this happen too many times now, I slowly open the door as I get ready, not to make it a sudden surprise for them. They just slowly venture out into the hall way like animals on a hunt, slowly looking around and carefully walking, not to agitate the cat. Or they will get a smack from her.

Gins back is in pain again and could be because of the recent training, sweat and wind don’t mix too well together. Booked a session with a sports message therapist who helped last time this happened, fingers crossed for a speedy recovery.

Time for a well deserved rest at home, a date with my Genie and a series. See you tomorrow.


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