How To Train a K.O. Cat

Rushing home to see my family and as I walk in through the door, I see two small heads peek round the door at the other end of the corridor. Puppies take 3 long silent seconds, to register, gather their thoughts and they finally realise who is home. As they rush to meet me still with my shoes, jacket and backpack on I kneel and hug them as Max climbs and wriggles to get on top of me.  He manages to get both front paws over my shoulders to make sure he gets a good lick at my ears! Eew! And Thank you.

Managed to get up, take the puppies out for a pee and back in the house for a well awaited rest with my Genie and a series. There is no chance, that I can walk past the cat, as she sits on her scratch post without being hit on the arm. Now the cat knows that if she does this cute gesture enough, we will reward her with a treat and of course, she continues.

Out with the family at the local park and it is absolutely bliss as the grass, sky and sunset beautifully contrast and complement each other. The grass moist as it nurtures the flowers surrounding it and the sun warm as if the wind is asleep this evening. We walk, puppies play and Max over the moon with joy after finding a 3-inch stick that he can play with, he gallops with pride holding his head up high.

Now, I have a date with a dinner and an ice cream. See you tomorrow.


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