Living The Same Day

Imagine having the same conversation every day, hearing the same words and asking the same questions. Though knowing you have never heard it before. This is all new to you.

We have just got out of the car, opened the boot to un-clip the puppies and as they get out, for the second time in two days a woman approaches us complimenting on the beauty of them both. And for the second time reminding us how beautiful their brown eye brows look. Asking us again if they are related and their age. It seems a little odd and maybe she is just so curious with attraction that she just wants to make time to see and pet them, again.

Or maybe, like many people, she is living in the same day with a reset button when she opens her eyes. She may remember details, when she said “Max! Which one is Max?” to us approaching the car carefully unsure if these puppies are friendly.

We maintain a fun and polite conversation answering all the same questions again and continue to go home, as she continues to live her day, her moments.

Now, time to charge the camera and start making video blogs. I have a date with a farty Genie. See you tomorrow.


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