Belly Fat Gone, Stamina Up!

Wide awake. Shot up out of bed and I was standing before my eyes could even register the hot, needle sharp sun in my eyes. I was surely late! I couldn’t be this awake and alarmed for it not to be late. Glancing over to my phone and I am hit with a heavy sigh, as I sit back down on my bed and look over to my beautiful lady, she is fast asleep and without a clue of the roller coaster that I have just been on. It’s 6:19 and I have until seven to rest my head. What a relief.

7am comes in what seemed like 2 seconds. I’m determined to kick ass outside with my skipping rope and punching bag. Puppies need to pee first though! And they sure let you know by wagging their huge, and heavy tails to make sure they hit everything to wake, everyone. Someone will take them out!

Work out done and I am ready for breakfast, starving now. Eggs, sausage and lettuce, fried with butter, quick and easy.

Smashed it at work today because I was done by 4 pm and on my way home to see my family, extra special because Genie is making a chocolate cake today and I can not wait to eat it! Must have it!

To my horror! We are apparently not eating it today because the recipe that someone made up says you must wait one whole day, one day! No chance of that cake making it a whole day without pieces of it missing.

We have managed to get up, how on earth we managed to break out of the vicious circle of the ‘F*** Up Session’ I don’t know, though it is time to get the puppies walking, boxing and sweating.

What a session of boxing, jumping burpees and skipping rope! My legs are giving up and giving in, arms are glued to my sides and the shower sure was long. Consisting of me not moving a single muscle in my body and balancing on my legs. Bliss.

I am looking forward to a repeat tomorrow morning! Belly fat gone! Stamina up! Now, I have a date with my family. See you tomorrow.


Catnip Sweat Glans

Easy morning start with the cat getting high on my shirt. Woke up with plenty of time to fragrant my shirt with more of my sweat to then later, put it on the table for the cat to indulge in rubbing her face all over it. (Video on Facebook) << click
Wifey made beautiful chicken salad mix in a tub consisting of chicken, lettuce, garlic and white stuff. Mayonnaise? Who knows. Took it to work to scoff in the van between drops.

Long and exhausting day today because at 15 past 5 I am rocking up to the house in our black Kia Sorento, fit for two Bernese Mountain Puppies as we need the boot space. shuffle my feet to the unlocked front door where I am greeted by the most exciting atmosphere, as if I have been away for the last 6 months and not said I was coming back! Although the puppies need to learn not to jump up, and I must keep my cool not to excite them even more… to bed they are sent in a calm and authoritative voice. Cuddles 30 seconds later!

Kick ass boxing will resume for Gin and I tomorrow with a long park walk for puppies. Now, I have a date with the family and monopoly. See you tomorrow.

F*** Up Session and Giggle skipping.

Good mornings start at 5:40 am according to the bright sun which reminds me it’s time, time to try and claw my eyes open from this heavy and exhausting sleep. I have clearly slept for 6 hours and this is apparently enough! Not on my watch sunshine! Back to sleepy land for me for another 2 hours because this is how I motivate myself in the future of the day. Finally, up and out of bed at ten past 8, and yes, this is late and of course our huge Bernese Mountain ‘puppies’ are screaming to go outside because someone, decided to indulge in an extra 40 minutes of horizontal thinking, with his eyes closed.

Left for work early because I had an idea! Actually early and not like yesterday because today, I am getting a Tesco sandwich for breakfast… with crisps for later.

10 minutes to nine and I am at work with a ready head because I know the sooner I am on that van, the sooner I can eat this nutritious, succulent and almost out of date mustard and ham sandwich. Yummy.

Attending the steering wheel while avoiding humans at high speeds does take its toll on you, however I am finished just before five and can’t wait to get home to see my family! Thinking about them and the activities we will do together is what makes the day so much easier to get through, without killing anyone.

Gin and I have a thing, where if one of us lies down! The other must join in a ‘f**k up session’, this involves lazing around for record times and almost passing out! Bliss. Trouble with this is that nothing gets done, and we fall for it every time!

We head out to the park packed and ready for a kick ass boxing and fitness session, with puppies of course. Starting with a small walk because puppies are too excited to just sit there and watch us beat the crap out of each other. Which they do NOT approve of by the way. Max shouts at us every 3 seconds for using the skipping rope, great motivation for not moving and giggling.

We manage to get an amazing boxing session out with Gin gasping for air, though ready for more. Unfortunately, she hasn’t done it in a little while so this will do for a starting point. I however, get too frustrated with this stupid rope because I somehow keep landing on it! Skill I know…

Heading back and I am starving! Gin has made amazing chicken at home, and I have a date with the shower! See you tomorrow!

Ever made plans, and didn’t stick to it?

Ever gone to sleep at midnight and woken up at 5:30am fully awake? Yea, only happened to me this morning and no, I did not get out of bed! Unplugged my fully charged Samsung edge to check that it was far too early for the morning sun to be waking me up. Puppies are still dead asleep and without a whisper I too, fell back for another 2-hour nap. Like every morning, I promise myself that the 6:30 alarm will make me jump out of bed and ready me for my boxing workout outside in the cold. And every morning I break that promise and end up on a late wake up call, to make eggs and sausages on a scramble to make sure I am early for work and dressed to impress.

8:50 and I am ‘early’ for my nine am start. A confident and chesty “good morning team” as I walk through the door and I’m in the good books with the boss already, I can see he likes the confident and assertive type, like him.

Checking numbers, addresses and names I am ready to go, load the van and ready myself to attend the steering wheel for a good 6 hours, while I make multiple drops to customers making sure they have what they ordered. Of course, because I am training so ‘regularly’ I should also be watching what I eat! And because I woke up with ‘plenty’ of time this morning I should have lunch with me. So, petrol station sandwich and crisps will do for today, and an apple a day won’t do s***.

Exciting day today because my wife to be has gone and chose her wedding dress today! And like I knew, my mother has made sure that I don’t see it until the day Gin walks towards me wearing it perfectly like a princess.

Not knowing if am will be going home or on another delivery is the exciting part of this job. I get picked up and a mass conversation starts with an update and upload of each other’s information to one another, health updates, family updates, food intakes, priority lists, and kisses at the beginning and the end of our short car trip home.

Of course, neither of us want to go home! We are wild creatures and long for fresh air and walks. So, I go home to pick up puppy harnesses, scarfs, jackets, and most importantly ice cream from the Lithuanian shop (Those are the best ones). Having driven for 10 minutes and arriving at the park we are good to go… just with the ice cream priorities someone has forgotten the puppy harnesses! With the drive forth and back we are at the park and ready for an adventure full of puppy pulling, tangling up, irregular walking pace and an alarming amount of come shouting throughout the park! Because the puppies rarely listen to our commands.

Gin, as always prepares amazing meals for us to indulge on and she does a fine job at making sure they are as healthy as they can be, though I am hungry and conscious that I am losing light for me to workout. I eat the most pathetic amount of food just to get me through my heavy hands on boxing training I go through outside.  It’s heavy, tiring, I am out of breath so quickly though I can feel how heavy I am, and it pushes me further to sweat more, punch, skip and duck more. More till I feel my feet can’t skip and the water I drink doesn’t stay down, I am gasping for air. I will not go back inside unless I am sweating like a mother lover. Time to pack away the punching bag, wrist straps and skipping rope. I have a date with the shower. See you tomorrow.